Indiana passed a significant bill to deal with our roads. 2018 is the first year where we have the new funds at a local level. I know that our county highway department is prioritizing the funds available. Named roads are the first priority, and they serve as arteries back to the main state and federal roads.

Road construction needs to be based in metrics and not emotion. It is prioritized and we must work our plan. The County Highway department and commissioners need to actively be communicating a “roadmap” of our county road inventory, showing where we are in the maintenance schedule.  Henry County uses the “PACER” system, but we need to communicate this to all citizens. We need to make information more easily accessible for everyone.

It will take time to get 800 miles of county road back to first class standards, but I believe that our highway department is making progress. We have to give them a few seasons to really get us back in line. The frustration comes from a lack of communication about prioritization.

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