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Jeremiah Morrell grew up in Henry County, and has a passion for our community and service. Jeremiah serves on the Henry County Expo Board, Henry County 4-H Association, Indiana PCARET as an area Vice President, and previously as the State Vice President, Jeremiah is a 4-H club leader, served as a member of the Libertarian Party’s State Central Committee, and Past President of the Henry County Memorial Park Board.

Jeremiah holds a B.S. from Indiana Wesleyan University in Business Management, and is employed as a salesman in the construction materials industry. Jeremiah has worked to increase awareness of local events through his podcast, the Boss Hog of Liberty covering local topics and providing a platform that has been a unique asset to the community. Jeremiah is recently married to the lovely Sara Morrell, and has two dogs…One that he loves very much, and the other, he will eventually.

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